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  • Mr. Robert Roop P.E.
  • NJ, NY, PA, DE, MA, VT, MN, RI, CT
  • Mr. Roop has personally conducted many hundreds of transition studies, reserve studies, property condition and environmental assessments on a wide variety of buildings. For several healthcare facilities, he provides building condition assessments, facility inspections, forensic investigations, and HVAC design. He has designed heating/cooling systems and utility distribution networks for hospitals and conducted Life Safety Code compliance inspections for their accreditation. Mr. Roop is a frequent invited speaker on institutional facility inspections and improvements.

    He has also conducted many hundreds of residential and building inspections for construction defects, deterioration and faulty maintenance. Especially important in the Lockatong practice is evaluation of building envelope for water tightness and proper ventilation. Defects in envelope easily lead to rot, structural damage and poor indoor air quality. Repair designs from minor details to complete building reskinning have been prepared under his direction. Significantly, many construction defect remediation design projects employ Mr. Roop to perform construction monitoring to confirm the remediation design is faithfully executed.

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  • 609-397-4106
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  • Lockatong Engineering, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 146
    Rosemont, NJ 08556-0146


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