Call for Board Members

Are you a leader, do you have an interest in the success of BIECI? Then you could be a great addition to the Board of Governors.

BIECI and NABIE Working Together

National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) is assuming the management and operation of the Building Inspection Engineers Certification Institute (BIECI) at the request of the former BIECI board of directors.

Update Your Roster Listing

We are currently updating our roster information as we update and improve our web site.

Building Inspection Engineers Certification Institute Mission

  • Establish the level of education, training, and experience necessary to perform the art and science of building inspection engineering.
  • Determine the requirements for certification, establish a body of knowledge encouraging the practice of building inspection engineering, and establish a procedure for testing the level of knowledge of applicants for certification
  • Provide the public with a method of identifying engineers and architects with the unique qualifications and experience required to practice building inspection engineering.

Our Members

A Board-Certified Building Inspection Engineer has presented his/her credentials for review and approval of experience, formal preparation in an accredited engineering program in a college or university, and evidence of a state license (P.E. or R.A) awarded by at least one state’s professional engineering board.